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10 Reasons To Study In A British Boarding School

Actualizado: 6 feb 2023

My husband and I have worked in multiple boarding school across the UK, which has allowed us to meet hundreds of British and international students. From this experience we have learnt a lot, and in this post we want to answer this question for you: Why study in a British boarding school? There are 10 reasons why you would enjoy being a boarder.


What is a boarding school?

First things first, what is a boarding school? Essentially is a school that offers their pupils the option to live on site, in one or more boarding houses. A boarding house, truly is a home, with a hierarchical structure very similar to a family structure. This usually includes a Housemaster and/or Housemistress who is in charge of organizing the house; one or more houseparent, who act in loco parentis to ensure the students safety and wellbeing at all times; and other staff specialized in pastoral care and academic counselling.

Could we say a boarding school is an “internado”? Technically yes. However, I believe it is important to disassociate it to all the connotations people have linked to this term classically in Spain. Boarding schools have a huge tradition and popularity in the UK, and they are modern institutions where study, fellowship, sport, personal growth and respect are promoted.

Now that we know what we are talking about, we are going to tell you some of the best advantages of studying in a Boarding school in the UK;


1. Academic excellence

Most Boarding schools are private institutions that offer lessons with really small pupil numbers, which increases the education quality. Equally, the constant presence of teaching staff once the lessons are finished, allow the students to solve their questions there and then, making the study easier and more productive. Normally, all Boarding houses have a daily scheduled time dedicated to study, where pupils complete their homework and study with the support of teachers and other staff. These among other reasons, make the yearly informs and statistics show better academic results for boarders than day pupils.

2. Learn English

English is the main language in academic institutions in the UK. This means that all your lessons will be in English, all your text books, seminars, etc, will be in English. The added advantage of living in the boarding house is that, once your school day is finished, talking with your friends, watching films, extracurricular activities, trips and everything else will be in English too. This will make it inevitable to learn English in a short period of time.

3. Multicultural environment

Majority of Boarding Houses are a mix of British and international pupils, of similar age ranges. All of them usually share the common spaces of the House, the activities, the trips and visits. This way you can live with other pupils sharing the same experience as you living in a foreign country, as well as get to know their traditions and cultures. This experience is not only personally rewarding, it will also give you a moral support in your journey.

4. Gain independence

For most students, living in a Boarding School is their first experience away from home. As we were discussing before, this experience has a huge homey and family-like component, but no question it starts the independence spark in you. All students have the responsibilities linked to their studies and lessons, and to these, we add the responsibilities that we could call “domestic responsibilities”, like being in charge of keeping your room and common spaces tidy, or your laundry, for example.

5. Be immersed in the British culture

Living in Great Britain will give you much more than a new language. We are going to be able to try a new gastronomy, to celebrate and understand the national holidays and special dates, getting to know this way the British customs and traditions. You will live with locals, both students and boarding staff, visit touristic and non-touristic places that will give you a better global idea of life in the UK.

6. Access a broad activity program

Once lessons and school day is finished, you will be able to choose from a wide range of activities – on top of the school´s extracurricular activities, boarders will be able to access a complementary activity program, that usually take place in the evenings and the weekends. This boarding programme usually includes sports, social activities -like going to the cinema or going bowling, arts and drama clubs, trips and visits. You will have plenty of options to choose from and opportunities to practice your favourite hobby or learn a new one.

7. Make life long friendships

Living with different people allows you to really get to know them and make solid friendships. Plus, this family-like environment in the Boarding Houses, promotes the dynamic “Big sibling – young sibling”; which means within a similar age range in the house, older students assume the role of guides and almost tutors of the younger students, helping them in all kind of situations, including school, trips, social gatherings, and even during meal times. This will help you feel welcomed and safe, and make friends quickly.

8. Visit some the most emblematic UK locations

Normally trips and excursions happen on the weekends – these are separate from school trips. These visits are very diverse: some of them are touristic to visit big cities like London or Edinburgh, some others are themed like visiting Bath Christmas Market, they can be adventurous like kayaking in River Wye in Wales. Other Boarding Schools also organise longer trips during the school holidays. Anyhow, these are the perfect opportunity to get to know and enjoy the UK.

9. Personalised and individual care

Apart from your academic tutor at school, you will have a great number of specialised staff looking after you the Boarding House. This way, you can count on constant support, both academic and pastoral, during and after school hours. Any problem or question will be solved instantly. Thanks to a family-like atmosphere and regular check ins staff-student, they will be able to offer you a personalised treatment and care.

10. Boost your self-confidence

Live independently, face new academic challenges, learn a new language and live in an international environment, these are some of the situations that will give you the possibility of boosting your self-confidence. After this experience, you can be sure you will be able to achieve any challenge you need in the future!


Invest in your future, choose the best Boarding School for you

Boarding schools are intuitions that have been design giving students priority, and they promote study, family life and respect, ensuring their pupils are 100% ready for their next step. Maturity, independence, excellent academic grades recognised worldwide, a new language and friendships are only a few of the benefits you will gain from this experience.

Vita international Agents will help you achieve this dream, offering you constant support and acting as a connecting bridge between the school, the family and the student, to make the experience as beneficial and enjoyable as possible for all parts.

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