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The Benefits Of Studying Spanish Online

Actualizado: 6 feb 2023

Nowadays, the options to learn a new language, like Spanish, are nearly infinite. And one of them, perhaps one of most popular, is, of course, online learning.

Spanish lessons online are in the ascendant right now, and considered a great option for all, children and adults, to improve or learn Spanish at their own pace.

If you are looking for a different way to learn Spanish, but you are not sure yet if online learning is for you, keep reading to discover the benefits of learning Spanish online.


Comfort and convenience

Of course, the first benefit that comes to everyone´s mind when talking about online learning, is the comfort of being able to access your course from anywhere. This includes a cafe, your kitchen, the public library, your bedroom or you front room while your kids do their homework. Therefore, online classes can help us to get rid of the excuse and mental barrier of “I don´t have any time for this”, because it reduces to minimum the time we spend commuting or getting ready for our lessons.

However, we must be careful with this convenience and take our course with responsibility to we make sure we are making the most of it; and don’t make the mistake of not giving it the attention and time it needs because we can assist class while we sit on sofa wearing pj´s.


Individual attention

Spanish online lessons with a native teacher or tutor are usually individual, 1 to 1, unless specified differently when you register to the course. This means you will be the only student in your class, which will allow your teacher to give you a 100% of their attention before, during and after the lesson. Generally, these courses are tailored to you and your needs, making sure you are working in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Besides, it is more probable that you will not be embarrassed to read or speak out loud in Spanish, or to ask as many questions as you need.



Given you are the only student, you will be able to organise with your teacher different aspects of your course. For example: the duration of your classes (you might prefer one long session one day of the week, or multiple shorter sessions on different days of the week), the contents of your course (you can follow a general course, or tailor your own to fit your purposes, like passing an exam), plan your weeks or months ahead to balance the rest of your life (for example, fit your lessons around your changing work rota), or you might even be able to make a deal with your teacher or academy when you buy a bulk of lessons.



Have you ever experienced how productive 60 minutes can be? Being in a 1 to 1 lesson for an hour, your will make the most of your time, and the number and quality of the activities, topics or questions you can go through, it is much higher than in an average group class. This is why these lessons are so suitable for people with big short or mid-term goals, and for those who need to see lineal progress and results to continue to be motivated with their courses.

Try to join a 1 to 1 online Spanish programme with a native teacher for a few weeks, and compare the level of your learning, with other traditional teaching groups or methods you have tried before, the result will leave you speechless!



Online lessons are usually cheaper when you compare them to face to face lessons under the same circumstances (this means, to compare the price of a 1 to 1 online Spanish lesson with a native teacher, with the price of a 1 to 1 face to face Spanish lesson with the same teacher). If you add this to the fact that schools generally offer deals to students buying lessons in bulk or as part of a package, online learning becomes the cheapest, most affordable option to learn Spanish.


So put the excuses aside, and be brave enough to take the step to learn and speak Spanish thanks to our online lessons with native teachers. Our individual courses are a 100% customizable, and you will be able to learn everything you need to achieve your goals, and at your own pace.

You can book your Spanish lesson on our web or directly contacting us by phone or WhatsApp.

¡Nos vemos pronto!

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